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Bluebird Wandering School(2019)

by Haru Lev, 79min

Haru rescues her 15-year-old brother Min from South Korea’s oppressive and prescriptive education system. She establishes an experimental alternative school, based on non-violence, compassion, openness, and freedom.

Haru and her brother traveled for six months in Germany, Israel, Poland, Denmark, Iceland and Canada in an attempt to learn from each other, from nature, and from different cultures. Their ultimate goal was to cultivate independent, free human beings who are unconstrained by the system.

Along the way they try best to stay in the forefront of movements against all forms of discrimination and oppression. This film is the documentation of first three months of their journey.

2nd Feature Documentary

Traveling the world instead of high school


  • The opening film of Jeju vegan film festival (2019)
  • The closing film of Chiang Mai vegan film festival (2020)
  • The official selection for 覺醒Awakening spiritual vegan camp (2020~)



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Bluebird Wandering School(2019)

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Sustainable Wandering

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1st Album Release

Problematic Consciousness

1 Sinking Moon (Intro)2 The Hand That Cut My Umbilical Cord3 Student K (feat. Izz)4 Don’t Ask Me5 Dear Y6 Bloody Rain (feat. Mercury, Aidan MG)7 Hell Joseon8 Dawn on Earth (prod. Sheng Yu)9 Masa & Omma (Outro)

1 Sinking Moon (Intro)

2 The Hand That Cut My Umbilical Cord

3 Student K (feat. Izz)

4 Don’t Ask Me

5 Dear Y

6 Bloody Rain (feat. Mercury, Aidan MG)

7 Hell Joseon

8 Dawn on Earth (prod. Sheng Yu)

9 Masa & Omma (Outro)

Available on

Spiritual Vegan Camp


“沒有一種覺醒是不帶著痛苦的” ─ 榮格


Artivist Production Company


Animal Liberation / Ahimsa / Nonviolence / Anti Discrimination / Solidarity / Disobedience / Zero Waste

Creating video, photography, art, music, event, protest, and whatsoever against all kind of violence and discrimination

R.I.P. Masa 2020.8.19.

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